Colour Coding

February 3, 2014 in Bits & Pieces, Fashion & Design, Inspiration, Style Guide, Tips & Advice

Ever wondered how best to match colours? It’s a question that often pops into our heads all to often when getting ready in the morning.  Should red and green really never be seen? Does that contrast look fashion forward or just plain wrong? Not to worry, SHUKR is here to save the day and advice you on what works and what doesn’t.

When thinking of your outfit, you’ll need to break it down into different sections, the top/tunic or abaya/dress normally being the focal point. Once you have selected your focal piece, your main colour will be set. You will then need to work around that colour, with complimentary and/or contrasting hues as necessary with your bottom piece (trousers/skirt) and accessories (hijab, handbag, jewellery, and shoes).

But what are complimentary and contrasting hues?

Complimentary colours match your main piece in colour, adding slight tonal variations that reinforce the main colour. For a more interesting and varied look, try to use a number of complimentary shades to add depth to your look. Be careful not to match everything in the same exact colour from head to toe, this can look forced and tacky.

Contrasting colours are shades that are the direct opposite of the main focal colour and can be used to great effect when used in the right way. Contrasting hues will add that “pop” of colour to your outfit, but be careful as they’re harder to get right than using a complimentary palette.

With SHUKR’s rainbow of colours, we know that this might be confusing. Today’s Colour Coding feature is our popular Tamadur Dress in cranberry.

colourcoding11 Colour Coding

Which item would you like us to colour code for you? Leave your preferences in the comments and check back soon for our next palette inspired feature!

Review: Anjum Top

November 17, 2013 in Bits & Pieces, Fashion & Design, Inspiration, New Collections, Outfits, Reviews, Style Guide, Tips & Advice

Assalamu alaikum everyone!

Today we have a special review for you on one of SHUKR‘s latest new arrivals: The Anjum Top. just say that when I saw this piece coming in I just knew I had to have it, it’s beautiful embroidery, feminine pleats and featuring that oh-so-sweet neck tie was too much to resist. And I wasn’t the only one, three of us in the office chose the same item in exactly the same colour!

51 Review: Anjum Top

With a choice of four cheerful colours, I was really in a dilemma about which one to choose! I was tempted by the freshness of the green “parakeet” but finally settled on the soft pinkish hue of the “topaz”, but I’m sure any one of the colours would have been perfect, having also seen the “Dark Fuschia” on one of my colleagues.

When I finally got it from the warehouse I was excited to try it and see how it looked. Ordering from a picture can often tricky, but SHUKR‘s photos definitely did their job giving an accurate idea of what I could expect.


I am happy to report that SHUKR’s Anjum Top fits fantastically and is by far the best fitting SHUKR item I own. I believe this is due to SHUKR‘s continual efforts to review and improve the sizing of their garments, ensuring that the clothes are modest but also flattering. A great way for SHUKR customers to discern their size is by using the size chart or if you’re still not sure, asking one of our friendly customer service team.

I chose a size medium, and although being fairly tall (171cm) and long limbed it was just the right fit, with the length falling about 3/4 down my thigh.

photo 3 Review: Anjum Top

The chest area, often a problem zone for Muslimas when shopping, fits well – no pulling or gaping but sufficiently covered. The sleeves were very comfortable, by no means tight but at the same time not billowing baggy, but enough looseness for modesty’s sake as well as comfort.

My only slight reservation when ordering this piece was when I saw the light pleating on the stomach area, thinking it might look too much like a maternity piece. In reality however there was nothing to worry about,  falling softly and loosely on the body without accentuating the tummy area whilst still remaining modest. I could imagine however that if any mother’s to be were considering this piece it would also work for them just as well.


anjum top 26 Review: Anjum Top

Having looked at the colour “topaz” on other items on the SHUKR website, I thought that this picture was probably not the best representation of the colour, expecting it to be more like the colour shown on the Pleated Tunic or the Long Flared Top. As I thought (and hoped), the “topaz” colour is more like a dusty rose pink, better represented in the little sample colour square to the right of the product page.

The cording on the Anjum Top although appearing white, is actually a very light pink, perfectly matching the hue of the fabric.


The fabric is 100% cotton, extremely soft to the touch and very light weight. I was particularly impressed by the quality of this fabric – it’s just so luxurious and comfortable! The material has a very slight sheen to it, beautifully reflecting the light and adding to the tops lustre. I’m sure all Anjum Top owners will agree with me – this one’s a keeper!


The soft pinkish hue of this piece is truly a classic, suitable for all kinds of occasions both formal and casual. Similarly this piece with its delicate yet fun embroidery is equally versatile. I love to pair this item with a light dusty pink silk hijab that I’ve had for years, it matches perfectly and looks great. It goes equally well with a simple white hijab or even light cream. Something plain in colour though is a must in order for it not to clash with the embroidery – stay away from prints if possible.

photo 5 Review: Anjum Top

So if you were thinking about investing in this piece, I would say go for it! It truly is a timeless classic that will stay stylish for years to come. Happy shopping!

SHUKR Fashion – Nirmeen wears Tied Cardigan

October 10, 2013 in Bits & Pieces, Fashion & Design, Inspiration, Outfits, Reviews, Style Guide, Tips & Advice

In the second installment, Nirmeen is showcasing her SHUKR fashion sense in her Chili Pepper SHUKR Tied Cardigan!

Nirmeen, as our customer’s may know, works as SHUKR’s customer service team lead. Here she has paired a floral hijab with red accents to match her statement cardigan, matching it with a simple white t-shirt, black maxi-skirt and patent shoes, creating a laid back smart-casual look that will serve her from dawn til dusk!

The great thing about buying your cardigans from an Islamic clothing company like SHUKR is knowing that you won’t need to be tugging it down all day for the length you need, won’t feel uncomfortable that is too tight or revealing, or worried that the fabric is too see through or transparent.

With a cute flared cut and fashionable waist tie, you can feel confident knowing you’re covered in fashionable and modern clothes, while still maintaining your Islamic principles of modesty. Cardigans are also some of the most versatile items Muslim women can invest in, serving all sorts of functions and being dressed up and down as necessary.

Try it out for yourself! Match a SHUKR cardigan with one of our long maxi-skirts for ultimate modest chic, creating long flowing lines in different fabrics and textures. Match bold reds like Nirmeen with neutral black or white, or combine with other items you have to bring out the colour. Perfect for layering as well, SHUKR’s cardigans are great for the upcoming Autumn and Winter.

nirmeen SHUKR Fashion   Nirmeen wears Tied Cardigan

SHUKR’s Tied Cardigan is now on sale! Grab yours here before they sell out.


SHUKR After Eid Sale

August 19, 2013 in Bits & Pieces

It’s here! The one and only SHUKR after Eid sale is on, but hurry because when it’s gone, it’s gone!

InterHPafteidW1 SHUKR After Eid Sale






SHUKR’s Embroidered Tunic for Men

July 22, 2013 in Bits & Pieces, Fashion & Design, Inspiration, New Collections, Real Men, Style Guide

The perfect piece for Ramadan, you’ll want one in every colour!

mens SHUKRs Embroidered Tunic for Men