New Trends in the Islamic Clothing Market – Interview with SHUKR

March 13, 2014 in Interviews, Our Company

As part of the 2013 report entitled “State of the Islamic Economy”, Managing Partner of SHUKR Anas Silwood explains the challenges currently faced in the Islamic clothing market today, as well as the innovative ways SHUKR continues to provide high quality, Sharia compliant clothing to the Muslim Ummah worldwide:

Screen Shot 2014 03 12 at 23.09.01 New Trends in the Islamic Clothing Market   Interview with SHUKR

How are you serving the Muslim consumer needs? How have you been able to address cultural preferences in fashion?

“SHUKR was the first islamic clothing company to design and produce an innovative range of men’s and women’s clothing that combined Shariah principles for dressing with contemporary fashion. rather than just focusing on traditional abayas, jilbabs, shalwar kameezes and other styles found in the muslim world, SHUKR introduced a unique product line of women’s tops, skirts, trousers, dresses, jackets, coats, sportswear and knitwear, in addition to contemporary men’s shirts, trousers, jackets and hats. SHUKR’s products were initially aimed at meeting the needs of muslim communities living in north america and in Europe where, especially after 9/11, there was a desperate need for contemporary islamic clothing that was appropriate for muslims living in the West.

Shortly after launching in Western markets, SHUKR also found a popular response to its products in traditional muslim countries as well. shukr also found that its clothing range was appreciated by members of other faith communities. many christian and Jewish women and men regularly buy SHUKR’s modest fashion styles. to this day, over 10 years later, shukr is the only comprehensive islamic clothing company that produces both women’s and men’s clothing lines and for all seasons — spring/summer, autumn/winter, ramadan/eid.”

Read the full interview and more by downloading the report and going to page 95 here.


Colour Coding

February 3, 2014 in Bits & Pieces, Fashion & Design, Inspiration, Style Guide, Tips & Advice

Ever wondered how best to match colours? It’s a question that often pops into our heads all to often when getting ready in the morning.  Should red and green really never be seen? Does that contrast look fashion forward or just plain wrong? Not to worry, SHUKR is here to save the day and advice you on what works and what doesn’t.

When thinking of your outfit, you’ll need to break it down into different sections, the top/tunic or abaya/dress normally being the focal point. Once you have selected your focal piece, your main colour will be set. You will then need to work around that colour, with complimentary and/or contrasting hues as necessary with your bottom piece (trousers/skirt) and accessories (hijab, handbag, jewellery, and shoes).

But what are complimentary and contrasting hues?

Complimentary colours match your main piece in colour, adding slight tonal variations that reinforce the main colour. For a more interesting and varied look, try to use a number of complimentary shades to add depth to your look. Be careful not to match everything in the same exact colour from head to toe, this can look forced and tacky.

Contrasting colours are shades that are the direct opposite of the main focal colour and can be used to great effect when used in the right way. Contrasting hues will add that “pop” of colour to your outfit, but be careful as they’re harder to get right than using a complimentary palette.

With SHUKR’s rainbow of colours, we know that this might be confusing. Today’s Colour Coding feature is our popular Tamadur Dress in cranberry.

colourcoding11 Colour Coding

Which item would you like us to colour code for you? Leave your preferences in the comments and check back soon for our next palette inspired feature!

“Pinspiration” Contest – Win a $150 Gift Certificate

January 27, 2014 in Contests, Events, Inspiration, Social Media, Special Offers

pinspiration Pinspiration Contest   Win a $150 Gift CertificateThat’s right, it’s contest time again, but this round has a slight twist! Instead of asking you a question about SHUKR and our products, we thought it’d be fun to get creative and start pinning SHUKR inspiration on Pinterest. If you haven’t checked out our Pinterest account yet, you can find us here.

So what do you have to do to enter I hear you ask? Pin your favourite SHUKR outfit along with your choice of matching accessories, colours or inspirational pictures for your chance to Win 1 of 3 $150 gift certificates! Enter now by clicking the link: Contest closes on 21st February 2014.

Happy pinning and we look forward to looking through all your “Pinspiration”!


On Shoot – SHUKR Videos

January 21, 2014 in Customer Experience, Fashion & Design, Making the Clothes, New Collections, Our Company, Videos

IMG 8678 On Shoot   SHUKR Videos

SHUKR is proud to have recently launched a new series of product videos on the website to better show our customers our products up front, in the flesh, and in all their glory! We’ve had such a positive response that we thought we’d share the fun we had shooting the products with our skilled team of expert photographers, videographers, editors, directors, stylists and models. If you haven’t yet seen our product videos you can find them on our website here or view a selection on our youtube channel.

Before the video shoot even begins, there are a number of logistical and practical steps that need to be organised by the team; all manner of accessories including hijabs, shoes and bags are collected, outfits are matched up, and the new stock to be displayed is listed, counted, ironed and finally transported to the studio. When everything is set, it’s time to bring in the beautiful SHUKR models.

Our models are Muslim women who have a natural talent for presenting clothes in the most natural, modest manner – not the easiest thing to find in the fashion world! We also feel that it’s important to show “real-sized” women wearing our clothes so that our customers can more easily imagine the item on them, how it might drape, and what it would look like when moving in it.

The shoot begins with our models getting ready, assisted by a few sisters to make sure their hijabs are perfectly tucked in, adjusting any ties or buttons and giving the item a thorough check when on. We’re quite sure you could find all the colours of the rainbow in our hijab collection!

IMG 8668 On Shoot   SHUKR Videos

Whilst our models are not wearing them, the new SHUKR collection is hung on large rails to keep them clean and wrinkle-free. Matching items are also hung alongside to make changeovers smoother. Which SHUKR items can you spot here!?

IMG 8670 On Shoot   SHUKR Videos

Focus is then turned to the studio where the magic happens, the lighting is set, the cameras positioned, and SHUKR products are brought to life. Below shows the Pleated Tunic and Tencel Denim Flared Trousers being modelled.

IMG 8666 On Shoot   SHUKR Videos

SHUKR’s bestselling Khalida Dress is modelled here in “Desert”.

IMG 8681 On Shoot   SHUKR Videos

Once all the items have been videoed and photographed, the images are then handed over to our expert editing team who cut down and add in close-ups and fade-ins. The end product is finally handed over to SHUKR management to choose their favourite shots where they will be uploaded onto the SHUKR website for our customers to benefit from.

What do you think of our product videos? If you have any other questions about the process do leave a comment and we’d be happy to respond. 

SHUKR Introduces Item Videos

December 1, 2013 in Customer Experience, Fashion & Design, Inspiration, New Collections, Our Company, Outfits, Social Media, Videos

As our loyal fans and customers may be aware, SHUKR is proud to announce that we have recently launched new product videos displayed on our website.

We know how tricky purchasing clothes online is, and sometimes no matter how good, photos just don’t quite cut it. Therefore, In response to our customers’ requests and in order to make the SHUKR shopping even smoother, we have taken the leap and are excited to unveil our brand new video features.

Here’s a quick taster of our exquisite Aniqa Wool Coat perfect for the winter season.



You can find our new video on our website under the product pages as well as under our new “VIDEOS” category on the left.

Untitled SHUKR Introduces Item Videos

SHUKR is also excited to present exclusive item videos on our Facebook page, so come on over and check them out!